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01. Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (MITI):

02. JETRO:

03. Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

04. Japan Commercial Arbitration Association(JCAA):

05. Kamata Houjinkai Corporate Association:

06. Sonoda Accredited Accounting Office:

07. Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Agency:

08. Japanese Standards Association (JIS):

09. Japan Iron & Steel Recycling Institute:

10. Institute of Scrap Recycling Industry (ISRI):

11. LME:

12. Resona (Bank) Research Institute:

13. MUFJ, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ:

14. D&B:

15. KnowX:

16. Tokyo Shoko Research Limited:

17. ASTM:

18. AK Steel:

19. Nippon Steel Corporation:

20. JFE Steel Corporation:

21. Japan Leather and Leather Goods Industries Association (JLIA):

22. Japan Federation of Shoes Wholesalers’ Organization:

23. Tokutsu Association:

24. Japanese Society for Medical Study of Footwear:

25. Currency Conversion: or

26. Measurement Conversion:

27. World Facts Book:

28. Travel & Culture:

29. Japan Hotel and Ryokan Reservations:

30. Online Dictionary: