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International trade has long been an engine of mutual economic development, allowing countries and regions to export where they have a comparative advantage and to import where they do not. Trading internationally makes sense, not only to find better prices or expand overall sales, but also to gain a degree of monetary and market diversification. Very large companies with international divisions have benefited from this for years.

Unfortunately, not all good companies have the in-house expertise to trade internationally, despite the fact that they may be excellent at what they do. Although the financial, logistical, and regulatory challenges can seem daunting, solid and sustained international trading relationships are possible through able trading partners such as ALFA UNIVERSAL. Even when prices in different markets might seem unworkable at first, a skilled negotiator who is committed to working out the differences can close a price gap and help make a deal materialize.

The company prides itself on its excellent cross-cultural communication and negotiation skills and strong emphasis on integrity. Open-mindedness, patience, persistence, efficiency, honesty, fairness, mutual understanding, humanity, and environmental awareness are also hallmarks of our corporate concepts and philosophy.

In this age of globalization and Internet communications, one’s markets are no longer confined to a particular country, region, or continent. The whole world is a marketplace and the potential players are not limited to traditional companies with physical brick-and-mortar facilities. Today, virtual entities might consist of individuals armed only with a computer and a mobile phone. This can be a positive development when hardworking, resourceful individuals are involved. Unfortunately, today’s mobility has also emboldened the less scrupulous among us, who are more than happy to offer bogus “opportunities” fraught with risk and uncertainty. Like the prospectors of a bygone era, we must sift through a lot of ore to find the truly golden opportunities.

This is exactly what ALFA UNIVERSAL has done successfully for years. Even in bearish and underdeveloped markets our hard work has paid off. If you are a manufacturer, supplier, or wholesaler looking for buyers, or you are a buyer looking for reliable suppliers, let us put our international contacts to work for you.


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