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  ALFA UNIVERSAL is still a small and young company but with so many social ideals that it pledges to itself to pursue to return only a small part of what it has been receiving from beneficial individuals and communities that have helped and nurtured it and its founder even before it came into being. Every year, depending on our business results, a certain amount is set aside for each of the following programs, starting from our nearest communities outwards to remote individuals and communities in the world that we know. To avoid bogus and frauds, we shall not promise to reach out or reply to those individuals or organizations whose circumstances we cannot possibly verify or are beyond the capacity or scope of these programs. To contact us about these programs, please send your emails or faxes to our Head Office in Tokyo, Japan.

This program aims at sharing our profit with the most disadvantaged young people of the Earth, regardless of gender, race, nationality, or religion, those who are striving for a better education to pursue a better life for themselves, their families and communities.


This program aims at helping the most disadvantaged individuals and families, especially those with single mothers so that they can stand on their own feet and catch their fish with their own hands or fishing rods. We especially would want to support women who are striving to do their own small businesses such as peddling, farming, cattle-raising, art and craft business to better their livelihood. While not mixing with our non-profit social activities, our trading activities also create conditions for those individuals who want and can act as our local purchase and sales support assistants on commission basis.


The earth consists of itself and everything in, on and around it – the soil, water, the air, the atmosphere, plants, animals, humans, bacteria and other seen and unseen things. This program promotes and contributes to the efforts of conservation, nurturing and protecting everything that makes up of, lives from and sustains the Earth. Donations are given to internationally-recognized non-profit organizations and institutions working for this purpose.

Realizing that AIDS is one of the most fatal calamities for us closely interrelated human beings on this Earth, ALFA UNIVERSAL promotes and contributes to the prevention and fighting against this fatal disease. Our contribution is in the form of encouraging our employees to educate themselves about the causes and prevention of the disease and donating to internationally recognized AIDS prevention and fighting organizations and research institutes.

This program aims at helping families all over the world resolve their family problems that badly affect their welfare such as over-child-bearing, troubled children, family budget control, children education, alcohol and drug addiction, domestic violence and any other causes of disharmony and unhappiness. The program is ready to listen to those with such difficulties and give advice and/or specific (financial if necessary) help in its capacity as a caring friend, not as a legal, medical or pathological professional or whatsoever.

Three awards (top, second and third), each with a letter of recognition from the company Founder and CEO and a gift of cash from USD500 to 1000, are given annually by the end of the solar year to those from disadvantaged families whose original writing submissions in English prose or poetry (preferably short, but regardless of length) up to the end of September of each year is selected by the company Founder and CEO and / or his trustees for its creativity, originality and inspirational values. The results of the awards shall be posted on the corporate homepage and notified the award winners by email or fax. Those who want to participate in this literary competition can send non-returnable and non-acknowledgeable email or fax messages to the Head Office in Tokyo, Japan. ALFA UNIVERSAL shall have the rights to post the works winning any of the awards free of charge and as long as it wishes on its homepage but shall not ask for the possession or copyrights which will still belong to the author except when the author voluntarily donates or sells such rights to the company. ALFA UNIVERSAL shall not be responsible for any copyrights violations, plagiarisms or other illegal acts by those who submit copies or unoriginal works. Upon discovering or being notified of such violations, the company shall remove the posting, ask for return of the awards and may be required to refer the case to related law-enforcement authorities for solving or prosecution.