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ALFA UNIVERSAL Co., Ltd. is a private-owned business entity aiming at maximizing our corporate profit only by honest, fair, legal, ethically acceptable and humane means. This code is stipulated so that our company can achieve its aim while exercising its model roles of leadership, serving and caring for the justified interests and rights of all individuals and parties involved in or affected by our business activities. We consider this our constitution and resolve to apply it as an ideal and a guideline in our business activities through the following principles.

  1.   We shall strive to be a good corporate citizen by conducting good corporate governance and observing all the laws and regulations, including but not limited to, the corporate laws and regulations of Japan under which our company is established and registered.
  2.   We shall strive to create a friendly and inspiring work environment for all employees so that each can maintain his / her good health, privacy and happiness and learn to develop his/her own skills, ability, individuality, and leadership while joining their efforts as members of a team for the company’s and each own’ s success and fulfillment.  
  3.   We shall resolve to be an equal-opportunity company in which all employees are treated equally, fairly and respectfully, regardless of gender, age, race, individual characteristics, nationality, religion, position, seniority, or whatsoever unrelated to fair and reasonable business efficiency and results.  
  4.   We shall strive to be aware of and abide by all the national and international laws and regulations concerning environmental conservation, product liability, human and environmental health, safety, security and cultural sensitivities while buying, selling, handling, transporting, processing or manufacturing materials, products and providing services globally.  
  5.   We shall not deal in materials, products or services known to our best knowledge to be illegal, environmentally hazardous or morally negative under the Japanese law and/or international laws, regulations, customs and cultures.  
  6.   We shall not use unfair or illegal trading practices such as dumping, bribery, frauds and other illegal or ethically negative practices to achieve business results, benefit or any competitive advantages.  
  7.   We shall conduct our trading business transparently, fairly and honestly, observing all the laws and regulations of the countries and regions with which we are doing business.  
  8.   We shall strive to be a good corporate citizen by contributing to the welfare of the local community we are in and the larger community of the world with our “social contributions programs.  
  9.   We shall create conditions for all of our officers, employees, suppliers, customers and other related parties to know about this code of business conduct and ethics and together abide by it in our business activities.  
  10.   All whistle-blowers shall be protected immediately and the revelation shall be dealt with as urgently as possible. Those who violate this code shall be dealt with equally and impartially according to our internal corporate rules and regulations and / or reported to the law-enforcement authority for prosecution under applicable Japanese and/or international laws and regulations.