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  ALFA UNIVERSAL Co., Ltd. is a global general trading and services company that promotes successful international trade relationships between honest and reliable suppliers and like-minded customers, regardless of their size. Above all, ALFA UNIVERSAL is committed to success for all parties involved, from the manufacturer seeking customers to the customer seeking able suppliers. 

We buy and sell steel such as steel bars, sections, plates, sheets and strip, steel tubular products, wire rods and their secondary products, carbon and alloy steel for machine structural use, steel for special purpose, clad steel, castings and forgings, materials for electric use and others of all origins, applications, and grades from prime quality to secondary worldwide.
With our global network of salespersons in close and constant contact with both ends of the supply and demand scale – suppliers and end-users - we have been successful in identifying and meeting the needs of both suppliers and customers in a timely and accurate manner with inspiring proposals for materials, products and solutions that best meet the needs of production.
Our multilingual technical interpretation, translation and consulting services also help facilitate the communication between suppliers and end-users, and when necessary, bring the best consultants and technical experts free of charge from the manufacturers to the end-users who need our help in their search for new materials or manufacturing and processing techniques and know-how.

We buy and sell ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap of all grades and forms for recycling and melting worldwide.



We buy and sell new and used machinery and equipment for home as well as industrial use and applications worldwide, bringing the right items to the right places at the right time, meeting specific needs of our end-users in a timely and accurate manner.
  Other Industrial Materials Products
We buy and sell petroleum, transformer oil, anthracite coal, metallurgical coke, iron ores, pig iron, power cables, roofing & floor tiles, wall tiles & bricks and others.
  Agricultural, Forest and Marine Products
Rice, beans, vegetables, coffee, tea, canned fruit; sea lobsters, fresh-water shrimps, eel and other fish.
  Arts and Crafts
Elegant pottery and lacquer ware from Japan, China, Korea, and Vietnam, office and home furniture, paintings and other handcrafts from the countries well-known for their traditions of fine arts and crafts.
  Consumer Products
Buying and selling any kind of consumer products such as shoes, handbags and beauty lotions.
As an integral part of our global trade in materials and products, we also act as a marketing and travel agency for suppliers and customers from all over the world, conducting market research, investment & production consulting, facilitating complete business, study, and sight-seeing tours to and from Japan, USA, Canada, China, Vietnam, and other countries. We also dispatch business consultants, interpreters, translators and receive orders for multilingual interpretations and translations.

For the above business activities, ALFA UNIVERSAL would like to invite experienced and aspiring marketing, market research, sale and travel experts all over the world, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, or nationality, to join our team on a commission basis. If this sounds interesting, please send your non-returnable application and resume to our head office in Tokyo, Japan.